This institute grew as a major aspect of the theory (Delta R&D, Inc.), because it sits at the foundation of all theories. The theory, Delta R&D, Inc. the 9th Edition, and all aspects (institutes and sub-organizations) of the theory - all are derived from astronomy & physics. The word physics, has its origin in Greece, where the word means nature - and refers to the study of nature, and anything that has a nature. In particular, physics, is the study of the nature of nature, of which astronomy is a extension. Astronomy, is the study of the nature of the universe, which includes physics. This is one of the reasons why astronomy and physics are so close; paradoxically, they encompass each other. As such, this institute is central to the theory.
  • While the astronomy and physics research is done under this insitute, it's public face is the Astronomy & Physics internet Society (
  • Research papers will be published in the APiS digital journal
  • The space exploration (the space exploration program - sep) (